Though Nzema is the indigenous language of the inhabitants of Kamgbunli, English is widely spoken as it is the official language of Ghana.

Political, Social and Economic factors have all contributed to the uneven distribution of healthcare and educational needs of many impoverished communities around the globe. Kamgbunli is a typical example of this type of impoverishment.

With the Ghanaian healthcare system suffering from acute shortage of healthcare professionals, our efforts to help make a difference in the lives of these deprived villagers are primarily focused on their healthcare needs. Nonetheless, other assistance as mentioned in our Goals is welcome. There are endless possibilities. You could always choose to volunteer in almost any type of project imaginable.


Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Healthcare Centre is a Not-for-profit Charitable Organization under IRS Code 501-© 3 therefore, all donations made to this noble cause are tax deductible. Your generous gifts of cash, new or re-furbished medical equipment, or medical supplies will provide the Centre with the steady and reliable income that we need to sustain the Centre and support other future programs that the Centre proposes to offer. You can help by making one-time, monthly or annual donations. You may donate online or send checks by post. You can make a donation to support the work of the healthcare centre. 

You can also fund a vocational workshop for the women on solar cooking and/or seed money for a woman to start a micro-enterprise to enable their empowerment. When you make a donation, you may specify how you would want us to utilize your contribution; and we are committed to ensure that it truly happens. The Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Healthcare Centre greatly appreciates your generosity.