Welcome to Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Clinic

Your healthcare need is why we are here

Our number one goal is meeting your healthcare needs and  expectations ; and that is why we say, HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Care that touches every soul, one at a time

health is wealth

Meeting your healthcare needs is why we are here. Should you or a member of your family need healthcare services, whether it’s in an emergency, or as an outpatient, we commit to you that we will strive to provide quality services in a compassionate and caring manner.


A voluntary board of directors governs Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Healthcare Centre. The Directors represent a broad spectrum of professional, business and community leaders. The Board is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services for all people within the clinic’s service area. The Board of Directors meets regularly and works together for the benefit of the community. They are charged with setting the strategic direction of the clinic and establishing policies to meet the Vision and Mission of the Organization.


Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Healthcare Centre has very highly trained Medical Staff who live and work right here in our community. Staff who are dedicated to providing excellence in healthcare services. Whether you need services in emergency, out and in-patient care, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, maternity, family planning, cuts, burns and wounds’ treatment and dressing, Alhaji Nuhu Memorial Healthcare Centre can diagnose your illness and provide the appropriate treatment.


We have the essential facilities with well equipped technology and the necessities, to provide quality healthcare to all that visit the clinic.