The Facility can boast of twelve well-equipped rooms comprising of the following:

Our Major Services

Our Long-term Objectives

Our long-term objectives include a proposal to build a full-fledged hospital that would expand our operations to provide the following services:
  1. Health awareness, Sanitation and Nutrition;
  2. Outpatient Healthcare Services;
  3. Diagnostic Laboratory Services;
  4. Diagnostic Radiological Services;
  5. Preventive Health Services that will include:
    • Prenatal and Post-partum care
    • Children’s Eye and Ear examinations
    • Well Child care and Period Screening
    • Immunizations and
    • Voluntary Family Planning Services;
  6. Emergency Medical Services;
  7. Transportation Services as needed for enough patient care so that residents of neighboring villages with special difficulties of access to services provided by the centre will be able to be serviced by such services;
  8. Preventive Dental Services, such as:
    • Oral Hygiene and Instructions and
    • Topical Application of Fluorides;
  9. Vision Services, which will include:
    • Routine Eye Examinations
    • Routine Vision Examinations and
    • Provision of Eyeglasses when feasible and appropriate;
  10. Mental Health Services as appropriate to be provided by a Mental Health Professional;
  11. Health Education Services;
  12. Public Health Services, to include Nutrition Education and Social Services;
  13. Pharmaceutical Services, including provision of Prescription Drugs; and
  14. Ambulatory Surgical Services.